Start Your Day with a Great Breakfast

Get Your Day Started Off Right with Downtown Louisville’s Best Breakfast.

Our staff will gladly prepare your order while you watch!  They will make fresh cracked eggs any way you want.  A real treat is our omelet, which start out with two eggs, cheese, and can be customized with any combination of up to three meats and four vegetables.

Another breakfast specialty is our fresh from the grill, golden, delicious hash browns which can be individualized with your choice of cheeses, meats, and vegetables.

We also offer sausage, ham, bacon, toast, breakfast sandwiches and pitas, oatmeal, grits, pancakes, waffles and much more. For a more complete listing of our breakfast offerings please download our breakfast menu.

Stop by and say ‘Hi!’  You’ll be glad you did, and so will your taste buds.

Traditional Breakfast
Egg (any style) $1.16
Bacon (three strips) $2.68
Ham $2.68
Sausage Patty $1.68
French Toast Sticks (five sticks) $3.78
Pancakes (three cakes per order) $3.41
+ Extra Pancake $1.31
Breakfast Platter
Two eggs (any style),
a choice of bacon, sausage, or ham,
and a choice of a biscuit or two pieces of toast
Breakfast Breads
Bagel $1.84
+ Add Cream Cheese 95¢
Biscuit $1.42
Croissant $2.36
English Muffin $1.58
Raisin Bread (per slice) $1.42
Toast (per slice) 79¢
Breakfast Sandwich
Start with one of our breads, then make it yours!
+ Add Cheese 74¢
+ Add an Egg $1.16
+ Add a Meat $1.79
+ Add a Vegetable 74¢
Breakfast Wrap
Wrap with an egg, diced sausage patty,
shredded cheese, tomato, and peppers
Scrumptious Omelets
Omelet Starter (two eggs & cheese) $3.62
+ Extra Cheese 74¢
+ Extra Egg $1.16
+ Each Meat (up to three) $1.79
+ Each Vegetable (up to four) 74¢
+ Make it a Wrap $1.16
Golden Grilled Hash Browns
Hash Browns Starter $2.82
+ Add Cheese 74¢
+ Add an Egg $1.16
+ Add a Meat $1.79
+ Add a Vegetable 74¢
+ Make it a Wrap $1.16
Muffins — Cereals — Fruit
Grits or Oatmeal $1.79 (S)
$2.47 (L)
Cereal Bowl $2.05
Apple, Banana, or Orange 99¢
Fruit Cup $2.82 (S)
$4.73 (L)
Yogurt Cup $1.88
Coffee — Cappuccino — Hot Tea $1.89 (S)
$2.26 (M)
$2.45 (L)
Milk $1.47 (½ Pint)
Bottled Juices or V-8 $2.48
Juice (orange, apple, cranberry, white grape)
Soda $1.32 (can)
$2.45 (bottle)
Fountain Drinks
Coca-Cola Products, Iced Tea, Lemonade
$1.89 (12oz)
$2.26 (20oz)
$2.48 (32oz)

All prices listed are provided only as a convenience and are subject to change without notice.